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About Clinical Prep

Clinical Prep helps bridge the gap between course work and actual patient care experiences. It provides access to highly credible, to-the-point information on common clinical questions that arise in clinical clerkships and similar patient care experiences.

Clinical Prep offers more than 650 core topics essential for medical students. Within these 650+ core topics, students will find over 50,000 questions. These questions are written by specialists in the field who have first-hand experience addressing issues in a clinical setting. The answers to those questions are taken from carefully selected content from our world-renowned library found right here on AccessMedicine. The questions and answer choices are reviewed and updated several times a month. By producing content in this manner, high-yield information is brought to the forefront of each user’s search. Clinical Prep supports learning in three main ways:

1) It provides a way to “warm up your brain” before setting out on clinical rotations.

By reading the questions within each disease-state topic, students can become familiar with clinical workflow and many of the issues that surround each disease.

2) Its topics and questions can serve as a point of care tool in the wards.

3) Clinical Prep’s specialty/topic lists were formatted to align with the USMLE Step 2 content outline. The topics in this tool are the same topics found in First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK. Diseases included in this feature are likely to appear on the Step 2, helping students connect tested material to real-time clinical experiences.

Important highlights of Clinical Prep:

  • Every question includes a link to the text from which the answers was extracted, providing easy access to the more comprehensive chapter and offering better context to each question and answer.
  • Questions within each topic are organized in categories that correspond to clinical workflow for easier navigation. The navigation is also listed on the left hand side for an easier way to focus the results.
  • Every question can be partially or fully expanded on the page with a click.
  • Questions with CME eligibility are marked with a CME tag.
  • Questions with a figure, table, or video are marked with an image tag. The Topics tab allows for all topic areas to be browsed.
  • Content is updated continuously.