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ABPandrogen-binding protein
ACTHadrenocorticotropic hormone
ADHantidiuretic hormone
ADPadenosine diphosphate
ANSautonomic nervous system
ATPadenosine triphosphate
ATPaseadenosine triphosphatase
AVParginine vasopressin
cAMPcyclic adenosine monophosphate
CATcomputerized axial tomography
Cdkcyclin-dependent kinase
CFCscolony-forming cells
CFUcolony-forming unit
CNScentral nervous system
CRHcorticotropin-releasing hormone
CSFcolony-stimulating factor
DIdiabetes insipidus
DICdifferential interference contrast (microscopes)
DNESdiffuse neuroendocrine system
ECF-Aeosinophilic chemotactic factor of anaphylaxis
EMelectron micrograph
EMelectron microscopy
ERendoplasmic reticulum
FSHfollicle-stimulating hormone
GDPguanosine diphosphate
GHgrowth hormone
GHIHgrowth hormone–inhibiting hormone
GnRHgonadotropin-releasing hormone
GTPguanosine triphosphate
H&Ehematoxylin and eosin (stain)
HEVhigh-endothelial venule
ICSHinterstitial cell–stimulating hormone
IEFisoelectric focusing
JGjuxtaglomerular (cells)
LHluteinizing hormone
LHRHluteinizing hormone–releasing hormone
MAPmicrotubule-associated protein
MHCmajor histocompatibility complex
MHCmyosin heavy chain
MPFmitotic phase–promoting factor
mRNAmessenger RNA
MSHmelanocyte-stimulating hormone
NAnumerical aperture
NKnatural killer (cells)
PAGEpolyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
PALSperiarterial lymphatic sheath
PASperiodic acid–Schiff (reaction)
PCRpolymerase chain reaction
PIHprolactin-inhibiting hormone
PNSperipheral nervous system
PTHParathyroid hormone or parathormone
PWPperipheral white pulp
RBCred blood cell
RERrough endoplasmic reticulum
SDSsodium dodecyl sulfate
SERsmooth endoplasmic reticulum
SRPsignal recognition particle
STHsomatotrophic hormone
TEMtransmission electron microscopy or transmission electron micrograph
TGNtrans Golgi network
TnCtroponin C
TnItroponin I
TnTtroponin T
TRHThyrotropin-releasing hormone
TSHthyroid-stimulating hormone
VLDLvery low-density lipoprotein

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