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This book will help you use your study time more effectively, both as you study histology and cell biology for the first time and as you review for exams. More specifically, it will aid in quickly finding and filling the gaps in your knowledge and allow you to spend less of your valuable time figuring out what you need to learn so that you can focus your efforts on actually learning. Because histology and cell biology cover all of the body’s systems and because they focus not only on microscopic structure but also on structure–function relationships at the cell, tissue organ, and organ system levels, they incorporate many fundamental concepts of importance in anatomy, biochemistry, embryology, immunology, neurobiology, pathology, and physiology. Thus, this book provides a foundation for any comprehensive system-by-system review of the basic medical sciences.

Each chapter covers one topic and is divided into four sections. The first is a list of objectives for you to bear in mind as you study the material. They describe, in general terms, the most significant types of facts and concepts you will need to learn about the topic. Besides assisting you during your first encounter with the material, this section will help you, as you review for an examination, to identify stronger and weaker areas of your knowledge and to tailor your review accordingly.

The second section of each chapter is a set of MAX-Yield™ study questions that direct your attention to key facts needed to master the material most often covered on examinations. Again, these questions allow students preparing for examinations to quickly identify knowledge gaps. The references to the synopsis will help you fill these gaps just as quickly. This section is also useful during your first encounter with histology. If you use these questions to focus your studies and write out the answer to each, you will improve your retention and be left with an outstanding personal review for examinations. Many questions can be answered with a word, phrase, list, or sketch; others ask you for comparisons and are best handled by setting up a chart or table. Again, this will help you focus on learning instead of figuring out what to learn. Even if you do not write out the answers, focusing on the questions will help you retain the material you study.

The third section of each chapter is a synopsis of the topic and is presented in outline form. This section reviews all the basic histology and related cell biology included in examinations

Most students approach their textbooks as though they were novels or magazine articles. They start at the beginning, skip past the headings, and move right to the small text. In this book, the synopsis is intended to serve as a reference resource, not a storybook. If you find yourself reading this section and you don’t have a specific question in mind, you’re probably wasting your time. Return to ...

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