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Abbreviations & Symbols Used in Ophthalmology
A or ACC Accommodation
Ax or x Axis of cylindric lens
BI or BO Base-in or base-out (prism)
CF Counting fingers
C or Cyl Cylindric lens or cylinder
D Diopter (lens strength)
E Esophoria
EOG Electro-oculography
EOM Extraocular muscles or movements
ERG Electroretinography
ET Esotropia (with L or R)
H Hyperphoria
HM Hand movements
HT Hypertropia
IOP Intraocular pressure
IPD Interpupillary distance
J1, J2, J3, etc. Test types (Jaeger) for testing reading vision
KP Keratic precipitates
LP Light perception
Lproj Light projection
LR Light reaction
N Nasal
NLP No light perception
NPC Near point of convergence
OD (R, or RE) Oculus dexter (right eye)
OS (L, or LE) Oculus sinister (left eye)
OU Oculi unitas (both eyes)
PD Prism diopter
PH Pinhole
PRRE Pupils round, regular, and equal
S or Sph Spherical lens
VA Visual acuity
VE Visual efficiency
VER Visual evoked response
X Exophoria
XT Exotropia
+ Plus or convex lens
Minus or concave lens
Combined with
Infinity (6 meters [20 feet] or more distance)
° Degree (measurement of strabismus angle)
Δ Prism diopter

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