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It has been 44 years since the publication of the first edition of Hurst's the Heart, the first multidisciplinary and comprehensive textbook on cardiovascular disease. Through 13 editions, The Heart has always represented a cornerstone of current scholarship in the discipline. Cardiologists, internists, and trainees from around the world have relied on its authority, breadth of coverage, and clinical relevance to keep up to date on advances in the field and to help optimize patient care. The 13th edition of The Heart continues and actually exceeds this standard-setting tradition with 19 new chapters and 59 new authors from around the globe who are experts in their respective content areas.

Featuring an enhanced and reader-friendly design, the new edition covers need-to-know clinical advances, as well as issues that are becoming increasingly vital to cardiologists and other physicians worldwide; through the 17 thematic sections, the reader will find the most complete overview of cardiovascular topics available, plus a timely new focus on evidencebased medicine, health outcomes, and health care quality. Furthermore, as important additions to previous editions, there are 1548 full-color illustrations and 578 tables with a new attractive design.

Other new features include:

• The section titled Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present, and Future includes a new chapter on the increasingly critical topic of assessing and improving quality of care in cardiovascular medicine.
• The section that focuses on the scientific foundations of cardiovascular medicine has been thoroughly updated, revised, and integrated into the remainder of the clinically focused chapters in the book.
• The section on the evaluation of the patient contains two new chapters that detail the process of effective, rational diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making based on available and well-defined technology, the most recent clinical trials, and practice guidelines.
• The section on heart failure has not only been fully updated in all its chapters but, as an addition to the updated chapter on mechanical ventricular support, there is now a separate chapter on cardiac transplantation.
• Five sections on primary heart disease (cardiomyopathy, rhythm disorders, syncope and sudden death, coronary disease, and hypertensive heart disease), which entail about one-third of the book, all have been very carefully revised and contain new chapters on topics such as evolving preventive strategies for coronary artery disease and updated pharmacologic strategies for acute coronary syndromes.
• The section on cardiopulmonary disease features new chapters on chronic cor pulmonale and sleep-disordered breathing and their relationship to cardiovascular disease.
• The section on valvular heart disease has four completely rewritten chapters by new authors who are authorities in the field.
• After the fully revised final six sections of The Heart (congenital heart disease, pericardial disease and endocarditis, anesthesia and the heart, miscellaneous cardiovascular conditions, peripheral vascular disease, and social issues), there are now new chapters on the environment and heart disease, surgical treatment of carotid and peripheral vascular disease, and cost-effective strategies in cardiology.

In this thirteenth edition of The Heart, we welcome Robert Harrington as Editor and Eric Rose and Sharon Hunt as Associate Editors. Robert O'Rourke has retired as Editor of The Heart after having made enormous contributions to the past six editions, and we will miss him. We sadly mourn the recent loss of former Editor, friend, and colleague Philip Poole-Wilson.

We warmly thank the authors for their extraordinary dedication and commitment to a rigorous time schedule that allowed publication of this edition only 2 years after the previous edition; this is an outstanding record in the publishing world. We acknowledge the consistent support and encouragement of J. Willis Hurst, Editor of the first seven editions. We greatly appreciate the steady support and understanding of Maria Fuster, Donna Walsh, Rhonda Larsen Harrington, Gail King, Donna Roberts, Ellise Rose, Beth Nash, and Bonnie Prystowsky for the successful completion of the book. The secretarial support of Robinson Santana and Jill Pritchett is greatly appreciated.

Finally, we extend our appreciation to James Shanahan and his associates at McGraw-Hill, especially Christine Diedrich, for their energetic support and for making it possible to make the thirteenth edition available so promptly all over the world.
The Editors
Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD
Richard A. Walsh, MD
Robert A. Harrington, MD

Associate Editors
Sharon A. Hunt, MD
Spencer B. King III, MD
Ira S. Nash, MD
Eric N. Prystowsky, MD
Robert Roberts, MD
Eric Rose, MD

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