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Included here are common abbreviations used in medical records and in this edition.

÷: divided dose

↓: decrease(d), reduce, downward

×: times for multiplication sign

↑: increase(d), upward (as in titrate upward)

/: per

+/–: with or without

+: with

<: less than, younger than

>: more than, older than

~: approximately

≈: approximately equal to

AAA: abdominal aortic aneurysm

a–a gradient: alveolar-to-arterial gradient

A/A index: ankle/arm index

AADC VAN DISSL: mnemonic for Admit/Attending, Diagnosis, Condition, Vitals, Activity, Nursing procedures, Diet, Ins and outs, Specific medications, Symptomatic medications, Labs

AAS: acute abdominal series

A&B: apnea and bradycardia

A/B index: ankle/brachial index

AB: antibody, abortion, antibiotic

ABD: abdomen

ABG: arterial blood gas

ABMT: autologous bone marrow transplantation

ac: before eating (ante cibum)

AC: assist controlled, air conduction

ACCP: American College of Chest Physicians

ACE: angiotensin-converting enzyme

Ach-ase: acetylcholinesterase

ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

ACS: acute coronary syndrome, American Cancer Society, American College of Surgeons

ACT: activated coagulation time

ACTH: adrenocorticotropic hormone, corticotropin

ADH: antidiuretic hormone

ADHD: attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

ad lib: as much as needed (ad libitum)

ad lib: as often as desired

ADR: adverse drug reaction

AED: automated external defibrillator

AEIOU TIPS: mnemonic for Alcohol, Encephalopathy, Insulin, Opiates, Uremia, Trauma, Infection, Psychiatric, Syncope (diagnosis of coma)

AF: afebrile, aortofemoral, atrial fibrillation

AFB: acid-fast bacilli

AFP: alpha-fetoprotein

A/G: albumin/globulin ratio

AHA: American Heart Association

AHF: antihemophilic factor

AI: aortic insufficiency

AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

AJCC: American Joint Committee on Cancer

AKA: above-the-knee amputation, also known as

ALL: acute lymphocytic leukemia

ALS: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

ALT: alanine aminotransferase

am: morning

AMA: American Medical Association

amb: ambulate

AMI: acute myocardial infarction

AML: acute myelocytic leukemia, acute myelogenous leukemia

AMMoL: acute monocytic leukemia

amp: ampule

AMP: adenosine monophosphate

ANA: antinuclear antibody


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