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Ventilation (BTPS)  
Tidal volume (VT), L 0.6
Frequency (f), breaths/min 12
Minute ventilation (VE), L/min 7.2
Respiratory dead space (VD), mL 150
Alveolar ventilation, VA, L/min 5.4
Lung Volumes and Capacities (BTPS)  
Inspiratory capacity (IC), L 3.0
Expiratory reserve volume (ERV), L 1.9
Vital capacity (VC), L 4.9
Residual volume (RV), L 1.4
Functional residual capacity (FRC), L 3.2
Total lung capacity (TLC), L 6.3
Residual volume/total lung capacity × 100 (RV/TLC), % 22
Mechanics of Breathing  
Forced vital capacity (FVC), L 4.9
Forced expiratory volume, first second (FEV1), L 4.0
Maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV), L/min 170
Forced expiratory volume in 1 s/forced vital capacity × 100 (FEV1/FVC), % 83
Forced expiratory volume in 3 s/forced vital capacity × 100 (FEV3/FVC), % 97
Forced expiratory flow during middle half of FVC (FEF25–75), L/s 4.7
Forced inspiratory flow at the middle of forced inspiratory capacity (FIF50), L/s 5.0
Static compliance of the lungs (Cst, l), L/cm H2O 0.2
Compliance of lungs and thoracic cage (CRS, respiratory system compliance) L/cm H2O 0.1
Airway resistance at FRC (Raw), cm H2O/L/s 1.5
Pulmonary resistance at FRC, cm H2O/L/s 2.0
Airway conductance at FRC (Gaw), L/s/cm H2O 0.66
Specific conductance (Gaw/V1) 0.22
Maximum inspiratory pressure, mm Hg – 75
Maximum expiratory pressure, mm Hg 120
Distribution of Inspired Gas  
Single-breath N2 test (ΔN2 from 750 to 1250 mL in expired gas), % N2 <1.5
Alveolar N2 after 7 min of breathing O2, % N2 <2.5
Closing volume (CV), mL 400
CV/VC × 100, % 8
Closing capacity (CC), mL 1900
CC/TLC × 100,% 30
Slope of phase III in single-breath N2 test, % N2/L <2
Gas Exchange  
O2 consumption at rest (STPD), mL/min 240
CO2 output at rest (STPD), mL/min 192
Respiratory exchange ratio (R), CO2 output/O2 uptake 0.8
  PAO2, mm Hg 105
  PACO2, mm Hg 40
  PaO2, mm Hg 95
  SaO2, % 98
  pH 7.40
  PaCO2, mm Hg 40
  PaO2, while breathing 100% O2, mm Hg 640
Alveolar Ventilation and Gas Exchange  
Alveolar ventilation, L/min 4.2
Physiological dead space/tidal volume × 100 (VD/VT), % <30
Alveolar–arterial oxygen-gradient, (A-a) PO2, mm Hg 10
Diffusing Capacity  
Diffusing capacity at rest for CO, single-breath (DLCOsb), mL CO/min/mm Hg 29
Diffusing capacity per unit alveolar volume (DL/VA) 4.8
Control of Ventilation  
Ventilatory response to hypercapnia, L/min/per ΔPaCO2 mm Hg >1.5
Pulmonary Hemodynamics  
Pulmonary blood flow ...

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