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CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2021-2022 is intended for all clinicians interested in updated evidence-based guidelines for primary care topics in ambulatory and hospital settings. This handy reference consolidates information from national medical associations and government agencies into concise recommendations and guidelines covering virtually all primary care topics. This book is organized into topics related to disease screening, disease prevention, and disease management, and further subdivided into organ systems for quick reference to the evaluation and treatment of the most common primary care disorders.

The 2021 edition of Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care contains updates reflecting more than 140 new guidelines. There are significant updates to cervical cancer screening, screening for group B strep in pregnancy, management of asthma and brand-new sections on prevention of tobacco use and primary HIV infection, prevention of cognitive decline and the management of diverticular disease, chronic pancreatitis, external cephalic version, abnormal pap screening, acute bronchitis, recurrent urinary tract infections, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and pulmonary hypertension. It is a great resource for residents, medical students, midlevel providers, and practicing physicians in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Although painstaking efforts have been made to find all errors and omissions, some may remain. If you find an error or wish to make a suggestion, please e-mail at

Evidence-based guidelines such as those reviewed in this book are wonderful tools. They enable evidence-based management strategies to be standardized and disseminated to a broad swath of the medical profession. At their best, they offer immediate access to the wisdom and analytical approach to evidence-based medicine employed by the experts, elevating the quality of our care. But, as with any human endeavor, they are susceptible to bias and misunderstanding. While evidence-based guidelines increasingly dictate the standards for our clinical practice, the highest quality medical care will always derive from a clinician’s experience, curiosity, critical thinking, compassion, and personal relationship with a patient. In that spirit, please use the tools in this book to further hone your craft.

Jacob A. David, MD, FAAFP

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