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We are in a strange time and the world currently is in the middle of a pandemic with COVID-19. However, the pandemic did not discourage this editor and the contributing authors of this book to give up on revising and updating this "labor of love" product. I realized contribution of MRIs and ultrasounds in musculoskeletal imaging has been extraordinary and spectacular in these recent years. That is why we have revised all the chapters in these two modalities. In addition, other chapters such as "Imaging Modalities Used in Musculoskeletal Radiology," "Metabolic Bone Diseases," "Tumors," and "Orthopedic Hardware and Complications" were also revised and updated with new text, images, and references.

The first edition of Basic Musculoskeletal Imaging was very successful and beyond my own expectation. This book originally was intended for medical students and residents in radiology, orthopedic surgery, and physical therapy and rehabilitation; however, many practicing radiologists, residents, and fellows in different specialties found it to be a quick, resourceful, and handy book to refresh and update their knowledge in essentials of musculoskeletal imaging. It is not surprising that the book was not only popular in the United States but even more popular overseas. The first edition has been translated and distributed in several languages all over the world. We all pray this pandemic stops soon and we hope health, peace, prosperity and spread of kindness, knowledge and understanding flourish and replace the pandemic.

I am highly indebted to all prior and current contributors, authors, and co-authors of this book for the first and the second editions. I would like to thank my son Arash David Tehranzadeh for his contribution and illustrations for the book and its cover. I would like to acknowledge Michael Weitz, Associate Publisher at McGraw Hill, for his encouragement and support.

Jamshid Tehranzadeh, MD

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