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Huppert’s Notes would not have been possible without an all-star team of residents and faculty that significantly contributed to this work. First, I am grateful to our incredible team of resident contributing authors and faculty content reviewers, who transformed this book into the incredible resource that it is today; I cannot imagine working with a more dedicated and talented group of colleagues who care so deeply about medical education. Second, I want to thank the lead contributing editor, Dr. Timothy Dyster, who co-reviewed the manuscript, contributed to multiple chapters, and whose passion and talent for medical education was essential to the success of this project. Third, I want to thank my editor at McGraw Hill, Kay Conerly, who patiently and expertly guided us through the publishing process. I’m also grateful to the entire McGraw Hill team who worked on Huppert’s Notes including Christie Naglieri, Libby Wagner, and Adwiti Pradhan. I also want to thank my family and friends who supported me throughout my medical training and the publishing process. Finally, I am grateful to those who taught me internal medicine over the last decade, including my peers and faculty mentors. These individuals shared their knowledge and passion for medicine with me, and in turn I hope that these Notes can help do the same for trainees in the future.

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