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Every completed book depends upon an editorial staff that is supportive, encouraging, and patient with the authors—the staff at McGraw Hill Education has been all of that and more. From the first verbalization of this book’s concept, Michael Weitz has been awesome, always believing in the project and trusting our professional judgment about what to include and exclude. Making those judgments has not been an easy task, and Michael’s belief in our choices has been invaluable to our confidence in making the right decisions. During the process of doing two books and 52 posts on AccessPhysiotherapy, Michael has been not only a treasured editor, but also a caring friend.

The editorial staff, headed by Christina Thomas, has been the epitome of patience and professionalism as she kept us on track and on time. With much of the book being written during the COVID-19 pandemic, being on schedule was at times challenging, especially for Dr. Carey as he juggled patient care, surgery, clinics, and family safety. We are deeply grateful to Christina for guiding us through this difficult time with such grace. The Permissions Co-ordinator, Sheryl Krato, did a fantastic job of ensuring that every photograph and figure was appropriately credited. Those kinds of details are definitely not the forte of authors, and we so appreciate her detail to credibility! The art department, including Anthony Landi, was creative in designing a cover that would be relative to the book’s content, yet palatable to non-clinicians who might pick up a copy, although the authors are quick to inform friends that this is not a coffee table book! A very special thank you goes to Jeffrey Thompson, DPT, at Keck Hospital of USC, for providing the photograph for the cover. His photograph depicts the ideal set-up for providing an individual treatment using a sterile field and instruments, as discussed in Chapter 1. Our gratitude is also extended to Production Supervisor Catherine Saggese and Text Designer Mary McKeon. The first time I saw a pdf of the text with the chapter designs, I thought “Wow, this is pretty and eye-catching!” and as my grandchildren have heard me say many times, “Esthetics count.” I hope you enjoy the beauty of the book as much as I do. MPS Limited, headed by Rishabh Gupta, did an awesome job of formatting the pages in such a way that the photographs and text coordinate in order to make the information easy for the reader to relate and assimilate. Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream idea a tangible reality!

Our sincere gratitude is extended to Dr. David Armstrong, Dr. Adam Isaac, and Dr. Young Kwak for their gracious reviews, valuable comments and suggestions, and professional expertise which they so willingly shared. There is no way the authors could be experts in every topic covered in this type of reference book, and having their experienced and knowledgeable review and critique of the content was very reassuring for us.

A huge thank you is extended to our colleagues at Keck Hospital for all they have shared with us over the years, adding to our knowledge base and stimulating us to learn more and be better clinicians. To paraphrase an old saying, no author is an island, and it takes many teachers, mentors, and colleagues to make one a successful provider of medical care. Our teachers and colleagues at the Keck School of Medicine, Keck Hospital, and the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy have been the best! Dr. Warren Garner, Director of the Burn Unit at LA County/USC Hospital has been a mentor for both authors, and we are especially honored that he was willing to write the Foreword.

Our families have been very understanding, supportive, and patient as we spend time at the computer, researching and writing, to make this concept a reality. Every reference, every topic, every sentence, and every word is critically selected to provide the reader with the most recent and accurate information in the most succinct way. The focus required in accomplishing the work often means missing questions and comments from loved ones, as well as missing precious time with them, and their support is irreplaceable.

Lastly, as is stated in the dedication, we thank all of the patients whom we have been privileged to care for during our professional careers. They are indeed our best teachers, most valued support group, and often become our dear friends. To be in the medical profession at any level is an honor beyond words, demanding trust that is indescribable, both between provider and patient and between colleagues. We have been blessed to work in a medical community at Keck Hospital that is the epitome of collegiality, and we hope that we are able to extend that sense of professional companionship and cooperation to all who are led to use this book in order to enhance their care of patients with problematic, puzzling, non-healing wounds. May God bless you all as you work to care for His children!

Rose Hamm and Joseph Carey

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