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Chapter 6: Somatic Sensation: Trigeminal and Viscerosensory Systems

Which of the following choices does not list the cranial nerves in correct rostral-to-caudal order?

A. Optic, trochlear, abducens, glossopharyngeal, spinal accessory

B. Olfactory, oculomotor, facial, trigeminal, glossopharyngeal, vagus

C. Oculomotor, facial, vagus, spinal accessory

D. Trochlear, trigeminal, vestibular, glossopharyngeal, spinal accessory

Which of the listed statements best describes development of the cranial sensory and motor nerve nuclei?

A. Cranial nerve sensory nuclei develop from the alar plate, and motor nuclei, the basal plate.

B. Motor nuclei are displaced dorsally as the fourth ventricle matures.

C. Sensory nuclei are displaced ventrally as the fourth ventricle matures.

D. Body somites determine the developmental plan of the brain stem.

Which of the following statements best describes the spatial relationships between two cranial nerve nuclear columns?

A. The branchiomeric motor column is located dorsal to the somatic motor column.

B. The column for visceral sensations is located lateral to the column for somatic sensation.

C. The somatic motor column is located medial to the somatic sensory column.

D. The autonomic nuclei column is located ventral to the somatic sensory column.

The caudal nucleus of the spinal trigeminal nucleus is to the parabrachial nucleus, as

A. mechanosensation is to visceral sensation

B. visceral sensation is to thermal sensation

C. visceral sensation is to pain

D. pain is to visceral sensation

The cell bodies of jaw muscle receptors are located in

A. dorsal root ganglia

B. trigeminal ganglion

C. mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus

D. interpolar trigeminal nucleus

Which of the following statements best describes the somatotopic organization of the caudal and interpolar trigeminal nuclei?

A. The interpolar nucleus represents the oral cavity, including the teeth, the rostral caudal nucleus represents the perioral face, and the caudal portion of the caudal nucleus represents the back of the ...

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