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Chapter 3: Vasculature of the Central Nervous System and the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Which of the following best completes the following analogy: Anterior circulation is to posterior circulation, as

A. anterior cerebral hemispheres, basal ganglia, thalamus, ventral brain stem, and ventral spinal cord are to the posterior cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum, dorsal brain stem, and dorsal spinal cord

B. internal carotid artery is to the vertebral and basilar arteries

C. vertebral and basilar arteries are to the internal carotid artery

D. anterior inferior cerebellar artery is to the posterior inferior cerebral artery

Which of the following statements best describes the normal path blood takes from one vertebral artery to the left occipital lobe?

A. Basilar artery, left posterior cerebral artery

B. Basilar artery, left posterior communicating artery, left middle cerebral artery

C. Basilar artery, left superior cerebellar artery, left posterior cerebral artery

D. Left posterior inferior cerebellar artery, left posterior cerebral artery

Which of the following arteries is NOT a branch of the internal carotid artery?

A. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery

B. Ophthalmic artery

C. Anterior choroidal artery

D. Posterior communicating artery

Which of the following best completes the analogy about cerebral arterial distributions:

The middle cerebral artery is to the anterior cerebral artery, as

A. the basal ganglia is to the thalamus

B. the inferior frontal lobule is to the occipital pole

C. the cingulate gyrus is to the superior temporal gyrus

D. the lateral postcentral gyrus is to the medial postcentral gyrus

Which description of the brain stem arterial distributions is most accurate?

A. Arterial branches supply pie-shaped wedges of tissue, beginning at dorsal midline and extending circumferentially.

B. Short circumferential branches supply the dorsal brain stem; long circumferential branches supply the ventral brain stem.

C. Arteries course on the ventral surface and send branches dorsally.

D. The basilar artery supplies the midline; the vertebral arteries, the next lateral territory; and the cerebellar ...

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