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Chapter 43: Substance Use Disorders

Which of the following is not classified as a stimulant?

A. Amphetamines

B. Cocaine

C. Methamphetamine

D. Cannabis

D. Cannabis is not a stimulant.

Prolonged and heavy use of which substance generally requires medical detoxification?

A. Alcohol

B. Cocaine

C. Cannabis

D. Opioids

A. Alcohol use is associated with the strongest withdrawal symptoms, including delirium tremens, which requires medical treatment. Opioid use often requires long-term medical treatment with methadone or buprenorphine, but this involves medical treatment to treat the use disorder with a less problematic opioid, not for detoxification.

Which medication is used to reverse opioid overdoses?

A. Methadone

B. Buprenorphine

C. Naltrexone

D. Naloxone

D. Naloxone and naltrexone are both opioid antagonists, but naltrexone is longer acting with a slower onset and thus is not suitable for treatment of acute intoxication, for which the more rapidly acting naloxone is the agent of choice.

Which substance is associated with the highest number of users?

A. Alcohol

B. Tobacco

C. Caffeine

D. Cannabis

C. Of the choices listed, caffeine has the most users. If the question had asked about use disorders instead of simply users, tobacco/nicotine would have the highest number, followed by alcohol. This highlights the different rates of developing use disorders; for example, those who experiment with cigarettes develop nicotine use disorder at about twice the rate that those who experiment with alcohol develop alcohol use disorder.

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