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The Fifth Edition of Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Family Medicine is a comprehensive, single source reference for practicing family physicians and trainees delivering primary care in a continuity environment for all patients across the lifespan. The text is organized according to the developmental lifespan beginning with infancy, childhood, and adolescence, including a focus on the reproductive years, and progressing through adulthood and the mature, senior years.

The text has been adapted from one edition to another to incorporate emerging areas that impact individual patients and/or populations and are likely to present in a primary care setting. Areas such as immunization updates, genetics in primary care, pharmacogenomics, and telemedicine are presented, as well as current approaches and treatments for the usual chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


  • Evidence-based recommendation

  • Culturally related aspects of each condition and alternative

  • Conservative and pharmacologic therapies

  • Complementary and alternative therapies when relevant

  • Suggestions for collaborations with other healthcare providers

  • Attention to the mental and behavioral health of patients as solitary as well as comorbid conditions

  • Recognition of the impact of illness on the family

  • Patient education information

  • End-of-life issues


Primary care trainees and practicing physicians will find this text a useful resource for common conditions seen in ambulatory practice. Detailed information in tabular and text format provides a ready reference for selecting diagnostic procedures and recommending treatments. Advanced practice nurses and physician’s assistants will also find the approach provided here a practical and complete first resource for both diagnosed and undifferentiated conditions and an aid in continuing management.

Unlike smaller medical manuals that focus on urgent, one-time approaches to a particular presenting complaint or condition, this text was envisioned as a resource for clinicians who practice continuity of care and have established a longitudinal, therapeutic relationship with their patients. Therefore, each chapter includes recommendations for immediate as well as subsequent clinical encounters.


We thank our many contributing authors for their diligence in creating complete, practical, and readable discussions of the many conditions seen on a daily basis in the average family medicine and primary care practice. Furthermore, the vision and support of our editors at McGraw-Hill for creating this resource for primary care have been outstanding and critical to its completion.

Jeannette E. South-Paul, MD, DHL (Hon), FAAFP
Samuel C. Matheny, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Evelyn L. Lewis, MD, MA, FAAFP, DABDA

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