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12. Local Anesthesia, Regional Nerve Blocks, and Postoperative Pain Management

Video 12-1: Traditional Microbotox

Video 12-2: Aquagold Microbotox

Video 12-3: Cryoanesthesia Utilization

Video 12-4: Ring Block

Video 12-5: Tetracaine Administration

Video 12-6: Local Anesthesia of the Lower Eyelid

Video 12-7: Local Anesthesia of the Upper Eyelid

Video 12-8: Tumescent Anesthesia

Video 12-9: Supraorbital/Supratrochlear Nerve Block

Video 12-10: Infraorbital Nerve Block

Video 12-11: External Nasal Nerve Block

Video 12-12: Mental Nerve Block

Video 12-13: Digital Nerve Block

13. Suturing Techniques

Video 13-1: Buried Vertical Mattress Suture

Video 13-2: Set-Back Dermal Suture

Video 13-3: Buried Horizontal Mattress Suture

Video 13-4: Buried Purse-String Suture

Video 13-5: Simple Interrupted Suture

Video 13-6: Vertical Mattress Suture

Video 13-7: Horizontal Mattress

Video 13-8: Tip Stitch

Video 13-9: Purse-String Suture

Video 13-10: Fascial Plication Suture

16. Electrosurgery and Hemostasis

Video 16-1: Electrocautery

Video 16-2: Bipolar Electrocautery

Video 16-3: Electrodessication and Curettage

17. Incision and Drainage

Video 17-1: Incision and Drainage

18. Layered Excision and Surgical Repairs

Video 18-1: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-2: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-3: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-4: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-5: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-6: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-7: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-8: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-9: Excision and Layered Closure

Video 18-10: Excision and Layered Closure

21. Advancement Flaps

Video 21-1: Helical Rim/Chondrocutaneous Advancement Flap

Video 21-2: Advancement Flap (O to L) on the Upper Cutaneous Lip

Video 21-3: Advancement Flap (O to U) on the Upper Eyelid

24. Bilobed Flaps

Video 24-1: The Bilobed Flap

Video 24-2: Dermabrasion After Bilobed Flap Repair

26. Interpolation Flaps

Video 26-1: Paramedian Forehead Flap (Nasal Tip Subunit)

Video 26-2: Paramedian Forehead Flap (Ala)

28. Skin, Cartilage, and Composite Grafts

Video 28-1: Full-Thickness Skin Graft (FTSG)

Video 28-2: Split-Thickness Skin Graft (STSG)

Video 28-3: Cartilage Graft and FTSG

Video 28-4: Weck Blade Harvest of STSG

29. Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Video 29-1: Mohs Surgery Technique: Tissue Excision

31. Mohs and Staged Geometric Excision for Lentigo Maligna

Video 31-1: Inking Template

Video 31-2: Transfer Template

Video 31-3: Inscribe 2 mm Margin

Video 31-4: Sampling Negative Control

Video 31-5: Suturing Negative Control

Video 31-6: Removing Lentigo Maligna

Video 31-7: Undermining

Video 31-8: Plication and Intradermal Suture

Video 31-9: Defatting and Thinning

Video 31-10: Quadrisecting

Video 31-11: Inking Quadrants

Video 31-12: Mounting Pie Wedges

Video 31-13: Mounting Radial Sections

Video 31-14: Grossing-In

Video 31-15: Mounting Specimens on Chuck

Video 31-16: Quadrisecting

Video 31-17: Radial Sections

Video 31-18: Defatting

Video 31-19: Quadrisecting

Video 31-20: Cutting Pie Wedges

33. Laboratory Techniques for Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Video 33-1: Mohs Surgery: Tissue Processing

34. Nail Surgery

Video 34-1: Distal Digital Block

Video 34-2: Application of Tourniquet

Video 34-3: Tangential Shave Removal of Matrix Pigmented Lesion

Video 34-4: Matrix Cauterization 1

Video 34-5: Matrix Cauterization 2

Video 34-6: Matrix Cauterization 3

Video 34-7: Matrix Cauterization 4

Video 34-8: Matrix Cauterization 5

38. Reconstruction of the Eyelids

Video 38-1: Diagonal Superior Suture Placement

Video 38-2: Inverse Tenzel flap

Video 38-3: Island Pedicle Flap with Canthal Suspension

Video 38-4: Lateral Canthopexy

46. Melanoma

Video 46-1: Interrupted Deep Dermal Suture Placement for Wide Excision and Closure

Video 46-2: Running Subcuticular Suture Placement for Wide Excision and Closure

Video 46-3: Gamma Probe Detection of Radioactive Sentinel Lymph Node

Video 46-4: Dissection and Excision of Sentinel Node Using Bipolar Electrocautery

Video 46-5: Incision with Scalpel for Complete Groin Dissection

48. Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Video 48-1: Excision of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

50. Cysts

Video 50-1: Cyst Surgery Slit Excision

Video 50-2: Using Punch Biopsy Tool to Remove Epidermoid Cyst

Video 50-3: Milia Extraction

Video 50-4: Pilar Cyst Excision

Video 50-5: Marking Surgical Area and Applying Tegaderm Prior to Local Anesthesia

52. Vitiligo

Video 52-1: Donor Site Preparation

Video 52-2: Donor Site Anesthesia

Video 52-3: Harvesting the Graft

Video 52-4: Bandaging the Donor Site

Video 52-5: Recipient Site Preparation, Part 1

Video 52-6: Recipient Site Preparation, Part 2

Video 52-7: Applying Cell Suspension and Bandaging the Recipient Site

Video 52-8: Cell Separation: 1: Rinsing the Graft

Video 52-9: Cell Separation: 2: Flattening the Graft

Video 52-10: Cell Separation: 3: Incubating the Graft

Video 52-11: Cell Separation: 4: Removal of Trypsin

Video 52-12: Cell Separation: 5: Rinsing the Trypsin from the Graft

Video 52-13: Cell Separation: 6: Removal of the Dermis

Video 52-14: Cell Separation: 7: Scraping the Graft

Video 52-15: Cell Separation: 8: Transferring the Graft Fragments

Video 52-16: Cell Separation: 9: Centrifugation of the Graft Fragments

Video 52-17: Cell Separation: 10: Formation of the Cell Pellet

Video 52-18: Cell Separation: 11: Removal of Tissue Fragments

Video 52-19: Cell Separation: 12: Isolation of the Cell Pellet

Video 52-20: Cell Separation: 13: Resuspending the Cell Pellet

Video 52-21: Cell Separation: 14: Drawing up the Cell Suspension

53. Chronic Wounds

Video 53-1: Apligraf Placement

Video 53-2: Debridement

Video 53-3: Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa

Video 53-4: Unna Boot Placement

54. Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Video 54-1: Intralesional Triamcinolone

Video 54-2: Incision and Drainage

Video 54-3: Deroofing

Video 54-4: Limited Excision: Axilla

Video 54-5: Limited Excision: Groin

Video 54-6: CO2 Laser

Video 54-7: Probing the Floor

Video 54-8: Wide Excision

57. Neuromodulators

Video 57-1: Reconstitution of Botox

Video 57-2: Demonstration of Glabellar Injection

Video 57-3: Demonstration of Lateral Canthal Line Injection

Video 57-4: Demonstration of Bunny Line Injection

Video 57-5: Demonstration of Masseter Injection

Video 57-6: Demonstration of Depressor Anguli Oris Injection

58. Fillers and Injectable Implants

Video 58-1: Facial Vascular Anatomy

Video 58-2: Temple Marking

Video 58-3: Temple Treatment

Video 58-4: Midface Marking

Video 58-5: Midface Treatment

Video 58-6: Lower Face Treatment

Video 58-7: Piriform Fossae Perioral Treatment

Video 58-8: Lip Treatment

59. Ethnic and Gender Considerations in the Use of Facial Fillers

Video 59-1: Ethnic and Gender-Specific Approaches to Fillers

60. Liposuction

Video 60-1: Water-Assisted Tumescent Spray

Video 60-2: VASER Ultrasound Technology Demonstrated Through a Scar Revision

Video 60-3: Superficial Etching of the Abdominal Lines

Video 60-4: Internal Radiofrequency (ThermiRF) Demonstrated After Liposuction of the Arms

Video 60-5: Superficial Etching of the Abdominal Lines Using Hand Extraction

Video 60-6: Purified Fat Injections to the Buttock Using a Single Port in the Buttock Fold

62. Hair Transplantation

Video 62-1: Hair Transplant

65. Lasers for Pigmented Lesions and Tattoos 

Video 65-1: Tattoo Removal 755-nm Laser

Video 65-2: Hand Lentigines Treatment

66. Laser- and Light-Based Approaches to Hair Removal 

Video 66-1: Laser Hair Removal with a Diode Laser

Video 66-2: Laser Hair Removal with an Nd:YAG Laser

67. Laser Resurfacing

Video 67-1: Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing of Photodamaged Skin

Video 67-2: Fractional Er: YAG Laser Resurfacing of Photodamaged Skin

Video 67-3: Fractional RF Resurfacing of Acne Scars

72. Sclerotherapy and Management of Varicose Veins 

Video 72-1: Liquid Sclerotherapy of Small Varicosities

Video 72-2: Foam Sclerotherapy

73. Blepharoplasty

Video 73-1: Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

74. Facelift

Video 74-1: Weekend Facelift, Part 1

Video 74-2: Weekend Facelift, Part 2

Video 74-3: Weekend Facelift, Part 3

75. Approaches to Facial Wrinkles and Contouring

Video 75-1: Forehead and Eyebrow Tissue Augmentation and BTX-A to Forehead

Video 75-2: Infrabrow Hollow Tissue Augmentation

Video 75-3: Upper Face Botulinum Toxin

Video 75-4: Temple Tissue Augmentation

Video 75-5: Zygoma Augmentation

Video 75-6: Tear Trough Tissue Augmentation

Video 75-7: Masseters/Facial Slimming with Botulinum Toxin

Video 75-8: Upper Medial Cheek Tissue Augmentation

Video 75-9: Submalar Cheek Tissue Augmentation

Video 75-10: Nasal Tissue Augmentation and Bunny Line BTX-A

Video 75-11: Chin Augmentation Along with BTX-A to Mentalis Muscle

80. Approaches to Hand Rejuvenation

Video 80-1: Calcium Hydroxyapatite Injection: Dorsal Hand

Video 80-2: Compression Sclerotherapy: Dorsal Hand

81. Approaches to Female Genital Rejuvenation

Video 81-1: Marking the Wedge

Video 81-2: Labiaplasty Wedge

Video 81-3: Fat Grafting

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