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To the people who make Family Medicine happen. Jogjakarta: Dr. Mora Claramita, Dr. Adi Heru Husodo, Dr. Wahyudi Istiono, and Dr. Fitriana Murriya. Moscow: Professor Dr. Gregorii Efimovich Roitberg, Dr. Olga Sharkun, Dr. Irina Slastnikova, Dr. Janna Dorosh, and Professor Timothy O'Connor. Haiphong: Dr. Hùng Nguyễn Văn, Dr. Linh Nguyễn, and Dr. Nguyễn Thuý Hiếu.


To my parents, Bill and Bonnie Ray, for always loving, supporting, and encouraging me to follow my dreams to become a family physician. To all of my Family Medicine and education mentors including: Drs. George Bergus, Rick Dobyns, Jason Wilbur, Bob Tallitsch, Jeff Pettit, and Marcy Rosenbaum. Your guidance and support along this journey have shaped me into the family physician educator I have become!


To my many mentors in Family Medicine, including Drs. John Ely, Mark Graber, Paul James, Gerald Jogerst, and Barcey Levy; and to Dr. Kate Thoma and all the Family Medicine program directors and faculty members who work tirelessly (and mostly thanklessly) to develop the next generation of excellent family doctors. Keep teaching; keep leading!


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