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This book would not have been possible without the support and mentorship of several people. We are forever indebted to Stephen J. McPhee, MD, for recognizing the need for such a book and for continually providing encouragement and advice. Our deep appreciation is offered to Jason Satterfield, PhD, and to Ryan Laponis, MD, MS, for their invaluable assistance as associate editors for this edition. We thank Kay Conerly, Kim Davis, James Shanahan, and Leah Carton at McGraw-Hill for providing expert guidance, and we are very grateful to our contributing authors who, despite busy schedules as clinicians, researchers, and educators, have been generous and conscientious in going the distance with us.

Countless friends and colleagues at our own institutions, as well as the residents we have been privileged to teach and mentor, have contributed to our own learning and the selection of material for this book. We are especially indebted to our colleagues in the Society of General Internal Medicine and the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare, many of whom have contributed chapters for this book, for being the learning community that has helped us grow professionally.

Jane Kramer and Julie Burns Christensen and our children, Nina Mason and Jonathan Kramer-Feldman and Jake and Hank Christensen, as well as Hank's wife Kerry, Jake's wife Nancy, Nina's husband Adam, and their son Isaac, have continued to be a renewing and cherished presence in our lives. This book would not have been possible without their love and support.

Mitchell D. Feldman, MD, MPhil, FACP
John F. Christensen, PhD
San Francisco, California and Corbett, Oregon

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