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The Editors and McGraw-Hill wish to thank their editorial staff, whose assistance and patience made this edition come out in a timely manner:

From the Editors’ offices: Patricia Duffey; Gregory K. Folkers; Andrew Josephson, MD; H. Clifford Lane, MD; Carol A. Langford, MD; Julie B. McCoy; Anita Ortiz; Elizabeth Robbins, MD; Marie E. Scurti; and Stephanie Tribuna.

From McGraw-Hill: James F. Shanahan, Kim J. Davis, and Catherine H. Saggese.

The Editors also wish to acknowledge contributors to past editions of this Manual, whose work formed the basis for many of the chapters herein: Tamar F. Barlam, MD; Gerhard P. Baumann, MD; Eugene Braunwald, MD; Punit Chadha, MD; Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD; Michael Sneller, MD; Kenneth Tyler, MD; Sophia Vinogradov, MD; and Jean Wilson, MD.

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