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“Comprehensive and well-written … will quickly become a go-to, must-read resource for healthcare delivery science. Thoughtfully details the value of investment in improving health delivery at a time when vast amounts of data are being generated on a minute by minute basis. These 21 chapters with easy to digest visuals and key points provide the tools to move to a modern value-based, population-centered delivery model … provides the tools and techniques to analyze and utilize the zettabytes of data being generated in healthcare delivery and research and helps maximize the opportunities where clinical operations intersect with research questions … advances our knowledge and practice for years to come.”

—David H. Roberts, MD, Steven P. Simcox, Patrick A. Clifford, and James H. Higby Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Arguably the biggest contribution that this generation has made to the future of the healing professions is care delivery science. It's not just about knowing what works, but how to make it work consistently for every person we serve. This new science is the foundation upon which the present generation's contributions primarily will rest. You hold in your hands 35 years of investigation and learning, condensed into understandable principles and applications. It is a guidebook for effective care delivery leadership, practice, and success. Learn from it, enjoy it, then go forth and create a new profession that defines a new and better world!”

—Brent C. James, MD, MStat, Clinical Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

“Today's disjointed and complex systems of care too often fail to address the multiple health and social needs of individuals and communities. We can no longer accept the disconnect between research on what works in healthcare and its application to improving the reliable delivery of high value care to all. Howell and colleagues have given us an expertly curated volume that brings together the issues, frameworks, methods and tools used in healthcare delivery science as well as practical suggestions on how to embed healthcare delivery science into health systems. This is a must read for anyone who, like me, is frustrated with the pace of our progress and is committed to creating a learning health system for all.”

—Lisa Simpson, MB, BCh, MPH, FAAP, President and CEO, AcademyHealth

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