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First, we'd like to thank Joe, Lucy, Shala, and Bridget. Writing a book turns out to be a ton of work, and you gave us the time, space, and support to do it.

Our brilliant guest authors have contributed tremendous expertise, time, and skills. (Writing a chapter also turns out to be a ton of work!). Thank you, Sonia Angell, Joseph Dudas, Cullen Jackson, Anna Johansson, Sarah Shih, Michael Wall, and Stephen Weber.

We were also amazingly fortunate to have several individuals who gave us truly helpful feedback on specific aspects of the book. Deena, Ashley, Alvin, Nissan, Iz, and Greg—thank you! Any errors that remain are ours, not theirs. We're also grateful to Shala Howell and Joe Wright, who are the writers we aspire to be—and who were great reviewers of the whole work.

We would also like to thank Kim Davis and Jim Shanahan from McGraw-Hill, whose unfailingly upbeat optimism about this text was infectious. We've been in great hands from the very beginning. Karla Pollick and Katie Annas were also instrumental to keeping us on track, making much of this book possible.

Finally, we realize that we've been profoundly fortunate throughout our careers—fortunate to have people whom we learned from, people who looked out for us, people who took a gamble on us. The risk of any list like this is that we will invariably leave some people out. But, nonetheless, Anne, Jane, Dan, Frank, Woody, Bruce, Ed, Eric, Phillip, Paul, Stephen, Pat, Krista, Nate, Eileen, Ken, Tom, and Danny—thank you. Topping this list are our parents.

From Michael: Thank you to my mom, Barbara, and my dad, Dwight, who taught me how to work hard, how to think critically, and how to keep family at the center.

From Jennifer: Thank you to my mother, Maxine, who reliably sends me reminders that she still thinks I'm the bee's knees, and who brings grace and brilliance to all that she does; and my father, David, my senior colleague, in whose footsteps I'm very lucky to follow both in medicine and publishing.

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