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Drs. Lechner and Matuschak have been collaborators and friends at Saint Louis University since 1988. From then until now, they have co-authored at least 35 publications in the fields of acute lung injury, multiple systems organ failure, oxygen transport, and hypoxic regulation of cytokine gene expression. Dr. Brink joined their research efforts for the first time in 1991 as a medical student, and subsequently has provided his essential expertise in the pathology of pulmonary and renal diseases to that research. In 1995, they co-chaired the curriculum design committee to identify core topics for inclusion in the Respiratory Module that has been taught ever since to all second-year medical students at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Their lifelong commitments to medical education are reflected in their various roles as directors of residency and fellowship programs and of their institution's medical scientist training program.

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