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Chapter 8. Immunology

Which of the following characteristics does not apply to adaptive immunity?

(A) Highly antigen specific

(B) Induces memory

(C) Rapid, immediate response

(D) Induces cytokine production

NK cells contribute to innate immunity in all of the following ways except:

(A) Killing virus infected cells

(B) Killing tumor cells

(C) Inducing IFN-gamma production

(D) Participate in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)

(E) Initiating antigen presentation

As part of the innate immune response, which cells participate in phagocytosis?

(A) Macrophages and mast cells

(B) Macrophages and plasma cells

(C) NK cells and neutrophils

(D) Macrophages and neutrophils

(E) T cells and mast cells

The immunoglobulin class most frequently responsible for inhibition of bacteria on mucosal surfaces is:

(A) IgG

(B) IgM

(C) IgA

(D) IgE

(E) IgD

Which of the following properties is associated with MHC?

(A) Binds peptide antigen and presents it to T cells

(B) Binds virus particles and neutralizes the virus

(C) Binds LPS and interferes with bacterial phagocytosis

(D) Binds self-antigens and presents them to NK cells

Which of the following items regarding T cells located in lymph node follicles participate in B cell help with isotype switching and antibody production?

(A) Th1 cells

(B) Th2 cells

(C) Th17 cells

(D) T reg

(E) Tfh cells

Which of the following functional properties are not associated with IFN-gamma?

(A) Induces production of other pro-inflammatory cytokines

(B) Anti-proliferative activity


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