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To the Guelig and O’Connell clans, my friends, and colleagues whose love, support, and commitment to the well-being of others enhance my life and facilitate my success with various endeavors; and to all the health care professionals who individualize patient care with humanistic and scientific approaches and work to decrease health care disparities.

Mary Beth O’Connell, PharmD


To all the patients and their families that have taught me more clinical pearls and appreciation of the challenges of optimizing pharmacotherapy outcomes. Thank you to Heath, Lance, and Reilly for all the support, encouragement, and always being so understanding for me to pursue my passion for women’s health research to advance the scientific field.

Judith A. Smith, PharmD


To Laura Borgelt, PharmD and Karim Calis, PharmD, editors on the first edition, who brainstormed with us to create a textbook devoted to improving health and health care for women, and all the authors and reviewers who participated in the first edition who created a strong foundation for the second edition.

Mary Beth O’Connell, PharmD and Judith A. Smith, PharmD

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