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We thank the many expert authors who wrote chapters for the ninth edition of Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology. We greatly appreciate the time they dedicated to creating their masterpieces and acknowledge how difficult it must have been to fit the task in with the demands of their dermatology practice, teaching, and research. We are truly grateful. We also appreciate their patience with the editorial team while we reviewed the submissions and then reviewed them again because we wanted to carefully consider all the visual elements included in the book.

With regard to visual elements, we owe much gratitude to Noori Kim and Hester Lim who took the time to carefully read every individual chapter and provide detailed feedback on what additional display items they thought would aid the reader. With more than 200 chapters included in the book, we appreciate the sheer enormity of this task and their dedication to attention to detail.

As a completely new editorial board, we are very grateful for the engagement, advice, and encouragement afforded to us by the previous editor-in-chief Lowell A. Goldsmith. We truly appreciate the time and effort he invested to enable the smooth transition of editorial direction for the new edition of this much-loved book.

A special shout-out to Karen Edmonson, our straight-talking and very patient senior editor at McGraw-Hill Education who kept the whole editorial team motivated and helped to bring our ideas to fruition, and to our editorial project manager Bryony Mearns, who helped to coordinate submission and review of the 217 chapters, keep on top of the status of each chapter, and encourage authors and editors to progress with their book-related tasks. We also appreciate the efforts of Kim Davis and Sonam Arora who expertly coordinated everything from submission of the finalized chapters to the McGraw-Hill team through to print publication.

Finally, we are truly grateful for the understanding and patience of our families. Without their support, this textbook would never have been completed. A book like Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology demands many evening and weekend hours that would normally be spent with loved ones, and we thank them for allowing us to dedicate many of these hours to Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology.

Sewon Kang
Masayuki Amagai
Anna L. Bruckner
Alexander H. Enk
David J. Margolis
Amy J. McMichael
Jeffrey S. Orringer

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