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Key Features

  • Rare

  • Thought to be caused by trauma, but history of trauma is present in only about half of patients

  • Common after fat injections to augment breast size or fill defects after breast surgery, segmental resection, radiation therapy, or postmastectomy flap reconstruction of the breast

Clinical Findings

  • Breast mass

  • Often associated with skin or nipple retraction

  • Usually indistinguishable from cancer even with imaging studies

  • Occasionally, ecchymosis present


  • Core needle biopsy often adequate for diagnosis

  • Occasionally, mass must be excised to exclude carcinoma

  • Differential diagnosis

    • Breast cancer

    • Fibroadenoma

    • Breast abscess

    • Fibrocystic condition of breast

    • Paget disease of the breast


  • If untreated, mass gradually disappears

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