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1. In the term, HLA-A*02:101:01:02N, which portion refers to the specific HLA gene?

A. *02

B. A

C. 101

D. 01

The correct answer is B. The letter A refers to the HLA-A gene. The * is a spacer. The number 02 represent an allele group; 101 indicates the specific HLA protein; and 01 shows a synonymous DNA substitution within the coding region.

2. For which of the following organ transplants is HLA testing of least clinical value?

A. Kidney

B. Stem cells/bone marrow

C. Pancreas

D. Liver

The correct answer is D. For liver transplant, no HLA typing is required but ABO matching is necessary. For kidney transplant, HLA matching is preferable but not required (ABO matching is absolutely required). For stem cell/bone marrow transplant, HLA testing is usually a requirement.

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