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General Considerations and Maternal Evaluation

What was the antenatal hospitalization rate in one managed-care population?

a. 5/100 deliveries

b. 10/100 deliveries

c. 20/100 deliveries

d. 35/100 deliveries

What percentage of antepartum hospitalizations are due to nonobstetrical conditions?

a. 15%

b. 20%

c. 33%

d. 50%

What percentage of pregnant women will undergo surgery?

a. 0.15%

b. 0.5%

c. 1%

d. 1.5%

Which of these should be considered when treating a pregnant woman for a nonobstetric condition?

a. Risks and benefits to the mother and fetus

b. The management plan if she were not pregnant

c. If a different plan is made due to pregnancy, is it justified?

d. All of the above

Which of the following describes complication rates in pregnant women undergoing surgery compared to nonpregnant women?

a. Increased

b. Decreased

c. Equivalent

d. Increased, but only in the first trimester

Nonobstetrical surgery performed beyond what gestational age results in higher rates of preterm birth?

a. 20 weeks’ gestation

b. 23 weeks’ gestation

c. 24 weeks’ gestation

d. 26 weeks’ gestation

Which of the following is the most common second-trimester procedure performed?

a. Appendectomy

b. Cholecystectomy

c. Ovarian cystectomy

d. All are performed ...

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