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We dedicate this book to George L. Engel, the giant on whose shoulders we all humbly stand.

Each author also dedicates the book as follows:

To my parents, Auguste and Louise Fortin, for their life-long example of service to others; to my wife, Oi, and our daughter, Camille, for their love, support, and forbearance; to Bob Smith, whose generous mentorship has made all the difference in my career; and to my colleagues, students, and residents at Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program for their uncompromising scholarship, support, friendship, compassion, and commitment to being the best clinicians they can be.

—Auguste H. Fortin VI

To my parents Emmanuel and Victoria Colecraft and my four siblings for their unconditional love; my husband Ben, for teaching me how to love. To Bob, the other co-authors of this book, my patients, and all my learners over the years; thank you for teaching me everything I know about patient-centered interviewing and for giving so much meaning to my work.

—Francesca C. Dwamena

To the loves of my life, Michelle and our five children, and to the hundreds of residents, practicing physicians, and patients whose interviews I have been fortunate enough to be able to record, analyze, and ultimately transform into programs to help them achieve what we all want from medical care: better communication, more meaningful relationships, and better health outcomes.

—Richard M. Frankel

To my husband, Larry, and our children, Douglas and Scott along with our grandchildren Mackenzie and Landon, who are the joys of my life; to my mentors Sophie L. Lovinger, PhD and Bob Smith, MD who provided empathic support for my personal and professional growth; and to the many physician, residents, and students from whom I had the good fortune to learn.

—Brenda Lovegrove Lepisto

To my first medical influence, my father, Elmer M. Smith; to my first teacher of humanity, my mother, Mary Louise Smith; to my guide, friend, and the love of my life, my wife, Susan Sleeper-Smith; and to the many residents, students, friends, and colleagues from whom I’ve learned so much over the years.

—Robert C. Smith

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