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Chapter 23: The Eye & Ear: Special Sense Organs

Which of the following is the thickest component of the cornea?

a. Corneal epithelium

b. Stroma

c. Descemet membrane

d. Bowman membrane

e. Corneal endothelium

Which description is accurate for lens fibers?

a. Are terminally differentiated fibroblasts

b. Consist of specialized type I collagen

c. Derived from epithelial cells that produce proteins called crystallins

d. Consist of type III collagen

e. Have the same embryonic origin as the neural retina

Which structure is the most anterior extension of the eye’s vascular layer?

a. Ciliary body

b. Cornea

c. Lens

d. Iris

e. Zonule

Which cells transmit visual signals from the retina to the brain?

a. Bipolar cells

b. Amacrine cells

c. Ganglion cells

d. Horizontal cells

e. Müller cells

The epithelial cells within the organ of Corti are supported by which of the following structures?

a. Spiral limbus

b. Tectorial membrane

c. Vestibular membrane

d. Basilar membrane

e. Spiral ligament

The middle ear contains which of the following structures?

a. The labyrinth

b. The modiolus

c. The perilymph

d. The vestibular apparatus

e. The ossicles

Which structure in the cochlea is analogous in composition and function to the cupola of each semicircular canal?

a. Tectorial membrane

b. Pillar cells

c. Inner tunnel


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