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Chapter 22: The Female Reproductive System

Which stage of ovarian follicle development is characterized by an initial period of follicular fluid accumulation?

a. Graafian follicle

b. Mature follicle

c. Primordial follicle

d. Oocyte

e. Secondary follicle

Which of the following is characteristic of granulosa lutein cells?

a. Are a minor cell type in the corpus luteum

b. Derive from the theca interna

c. Contain abundant rough endoplasmic reticulum

d. Are small and dark-staining

e. Secrete progesterone

Which of the following hormones is primarily responsible for inducing ovulation?

a. Relaxin

b. LH

c. Progesterone

d. FSH

e. Estrogen

Which feature is characteristic of the corpora albicans but not of atretic follicles?

a. May contain degenerating granulosa cells floating in remnants of follicular fluid

b. Resemble large collagenous scars

c. Eventually removed by macrophages and replaced by stroma

d. Are remnants of follicles that degenerate before maturation

e. May contain degenerating oocytes

Endometrial glands are typically most fully developed and filled with product during which day(s) or phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle?

a. Menstrual phase

b. Days 1-4

c. The day ovulation occurs

d. Proliferative phase

e. Days 15-28

Which feature is characteristic of the endometrium’s basal layer but not of its functional layer?

a. Includes the uterine surface epithelium

b. Includes connective tissue

c. Contains cells that replace the surface epithelium after menstruation

d. Relies solely on spiral arteries for its blood supply

e. Undergoes cyclic thickening and shedding


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