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Chapter 20: Endocrine Glands

Which of the following accurately describes glucocorticoids?

a. Include the steroid hormone aldosterone

b. Are produced in response to stimulation by ACTH

c. Are produced primarily by the zone glomerulosa

d. Typically enhance the immune response

e. Include the steroid hormone DHEA

Pregnant women who have begun labor but in whom this process is no longer progressing are often given an IV injection of Pitocin to stimulate uterine contractions and facilitate parturition. Pitocin is a trade name of a hormone produced in what endocrine tissue?

a. Pars distalis

b. Ovarian follicles

c. Pars nervosa

d. Placenta

e. Pars tuberalis

What hormone is produced in response to decreased blood calcium levels?

a. Pancreatic polypeptide

b. β-endorphin

c. Somatostatin

d. Calcitonin

e. PTH

Addison disease (or adrenal cortex insufficiency) is a disorder, usually autoimmune in origin, which can cause degeneration and cell loss in the adrenal glands. Fludrocortisone is a mineralocorticoid used to treat Addison patients. Response to this drug indicates that which region of the adrenal glands was involved in the disease?

a. Medulla

b. Zona glomerulosa

c. Zona reticularis

d. Macula densa

e. Zona fasciculate

A glucagonoma is a malignant tumor consisting of what cells?

a. A or α cells

b. B or β cells

c. Chromophils

d. D or δ cells

e. Mucous cells

Secretion, chemical modification and storage, reuptake, and digestion of a protein occur in epithelial cells of what endocrine tissue?

a. Neurohypophysis

b. Adrenal medulla

c. Adenohypophysis

d. Thyroid gland


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