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Chapter 19: The Urinary System

Blood in the renal arcuate arteries flows next into which vessels?

a. Afferent arterioles

b. Efferent arterioles

c. Glomerular capillaries

d. Interlobar arteries

e. Interlobular arteries

Which cell type comprises the visceral layer of Bowman capsule?

a. Endothelial cells

b. Juxtaglomerular cells

c. Mesangial cells

d. Podocytes

e. Extraglomerular mesangial (or Lacis) cells

Which type of epithelium lines the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle?

a. Pseudostratified columnar

b. Simple columnar

c. Simple cuboidal

d. Simple squamous

e. Transitional (urothelium)

Which cell is a modified smooth muscle cell that secretes renin?

a. Macula densa cells

b. Mesangial cells

c. Podocytes

d. Juxtaglomerular cells

e. Endothelial cells

Epithelial cell membrane domains containing many stiffened plaques of protein are an important feature in which part of the urinary system?

a. Juxtaglomerular apparatus

b. Bladder mucosa

c. Collecting ducts

d. Renal pyramids

e. Membranous urethra

An immunohistochemical technique using antibodies against aquaporins to stain a section of kidney would be expected to stain cells in which structures most intensely?

a. Collecting ducts

b. Lining of the major and minor calyces

c. Proximal convoluted tubules

d. Distal convoluted tubules

e. Glomeruli

What type of epithelium lines the prostatic urethra?

a. Simple columnar

b. Pseudostratified columnar

c. Stratified squamous


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