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Chapter 18: Skin

Which of the following components of the epidermis provides sealant between adjacent cells?

a. Keratohyaline granules

b. Glycolipids and lipids

c. Keratin

d. Desmosomes

e. Adherent junctions

Which cells derive from precursors originating in the bone marrow and function as antigen-presenting cells in skin?

a. Keratinocytes

b. Langerhans cells

c. Melanocytes

d. Merkel cell

e. Arrector pili

Cells responsible for producing the pigment for dark hair are located in which of following?

a. The cortex of the hair shaft

b. Throughout the hair shaft

c. The internal root sheath of the hair

d. The dermal papilla of the hair bulb

e. The hair matrix (zone of dividing and differentiating cells) of the hair bulb

Which of the following separates the hair follicle from the connective tissue of the dermis?

a. External root sheath

b. Internal root sheath

c. Glassy membrane

d. Hair cuticle

e. Medulla

Which structure typifies reticular dermis but not papillary dermis?

a. Capillaries

b. Dense irregular connective tissue

c. Meissner tactile corpuscles

d. Sweat gland ducts

e. Type I collagen fibers

Which of the following best characterizes sebaceous glands?

a. Its duct drains onto the skin surface.

b. It releases its contents via holocrine secretion.

c. It primarily secretes water and salts.

d. Its secretory units are supplied by adrenergic stimulation.

e. It is located typically in the reticular dermis.

Myoepithelial cells aid in the secretory process of which ...

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