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Chapter 16: Organs Associated with the Digestive Tract

In a liver biopsy from a long-time drug user which of the following hepatocyte organelles would be expected to be more extensive than normal?

a. Rough endoplasmic reticulum

b. Golgi apparatus

c. Lysosomes

d. Peroxisomes

e. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Which description is true of pancreatic zymogens?

a. Are packaged for secretion in the SER

b. Are synthesized on free ribosomes

c. Are inactive until they reach the duodenal lumen

d. Are stored in the basal cytoplasm of acinar cells

e. Are produced by cuboidal cells lining the pancreatic duct

Which process increases in response to parasympathetic stimulation of the salivary glands?

a. Volume of secretion

b. Cell division in secretory acini

c. Mucus content of saliva

d. Inorganic salts content of saliva

e. Cell division in interlobular ducts

Which feature is unique to the exocrine pancreas?

a. Insulin-secreting β cells

b. Centroacinar cells

c. Predominately serous secretory cells

d. Striated interlobular ducts

e. Striated intralobular ducts

Which description is true of the bile canaliculi?

a. Are bordered directly by endothelial cells

b. Are part of the portal triad

c. Are surrounded by the hepatic sinusoids

d. Lumens are entirely sealed by junctional complexes

e. Normally contain some blood plasma

Which description is true of the gallbladder?

a. Dilutes bile

b. Absorbs bile

c. Secretes mucus

d. Has a thick submucosa

e. Is covered entirely by serosa

Which ...

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