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Chapter 15: Digestive Tract

In which of the following structures of the oral cavity would taste buds be localized in the highest concentration?

a. Fungiform papillae

b. Gingiva

c. Filiform papillae

d. Ventral surface of the tongue

e. Vallate papillae

Certain antibiotic therapies slow the replacement of the cells lining the small intestine. This may cause the loss of what tissue type?

a. Ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium

b. Simple cuboidal epithelium

c. Simple columnar epithelium

d. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with stereocilia

e. Stratified squamous, nonkeratinized epithelium

The teniae coli of the large intestine represent an organ-specific specialization of which layer of the intestinal tract wall?

a. Epithelium

b. Lamina propria

c. Muscularis mucosa

d. Muscularis externa

e. Serosa

Which of the following would most likely result from a reduction in the number of Paneth cells?

a. Thinning of the glycocalyx

b. Reduced breakdown of fats

c. Elevated levels of undigested proteins

d. Decreased mucus in the intestine

e. Increased number of intestinal bacteria

A medical student on a rotation in the pathology laboratory is given an unlabeled microscope slide with tissue provided by a gastroenterologist from a cancer patient she is attending. The mucosa and submucosa are poorly preserved, with only the thick muscularis well-stained, showing striated fibers. The slide most likely shows a biopsy of which region of the GI tract?

a. Pyloric sphincter

b. Esophagus

c. Colon

d. Corpus of the stomach

e. Ileum

Diarrhea may result if which of the following organs fails to carry out its role in absorbing water from the feces?

a. Anal canal

b. Cecum


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