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Chapter 11: The Circulatory System

Vasa vasorum serve a function analogous to that of which of the following?

a. Valves

b. Basal lamina

c. Coronary arteries

d. Endothelial diaphragms

e. Arterioles

What tissue is directly associated with and extends into the heart valves?

a. Myocardium

b. Epicardium

c. Atrioventricular bundle of His

d. Cardiac skeleton

e. Pericardium

Which of the following is true for ventricles?

a. Located at the base of the heart

b. Myocardial cells contains abundant granules

c. Receive blood directly from the venae cavae and pulmonary veins

d. Walls contain Purkinje fibers of the right and left branches from the atrioventricular bundle

e. Contain more elastic fibers than the atria

Individuals with Marfan syndrome have mutations in the fibrillin gene and commonly experience aortic aneurisms. What portion of the arterial wall is most likely to be affected by the malformed fibrillin?

a. Endothelium

b. Tunica intima

c. Tunica media

d. Tunica adventitia

e. Vasa vasorum

Which description is true of continuous capillaries?

a. Unusually wide lumens

b. Most common in both brain and muscle

c. Abundant fenestrations

d. Lack a complete basement membrane

e. Phagocytic cells often seen inserted in the intercellular clefts

Which of the following is true of pericytes?

a. Are associated with the basal lamina of capillary endothelial cells

b. Have similar histological features as contractile cells of the myocardium

c. Form a layer of cells joined by gap junctions

d. Are terminally differentiated

e. Capable of forming ...

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