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Chapter 8: Bone

Which component of bone impedes the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to osteocytes?

a. ECM

b. Canaliculi

c. Periosteum

d. Cell processes

e. Haversian canals

Which if the following most accurately describes compact bone?

a. Predominant bone type in the epiphyses of adult long bones

b. Also known as cancellous bone

c. Characterized by the presence of osteons

d. Lines the medullary (marrow) cavity

e. Forms the diploë in cranial bones

In healthy bone canaliculi are likely to contain which one of the following?

a. Capillaries

b. Nerve axons

c. Osteocytic processes

d. Osteoid

e. Osteoclasts in resorption lacunae

Which of the following most accurately describes the endosteum?

a. Composed of two layers: osteogenic and fibrous

b. Continuous with the joint capsule

c. Attached to the bone surface by collagen bundles called Sharpey fibers

d. Lines the medullary cavity

e. Contains mature osteocytes

In the diaphysis of a typical long bone which of the following structures is in closest proximity to the trabeculae of cancellous bone?

a. Interstitial lamellae

b. Osteons

c. Sharpey fibers

d. Outer circumferential lamellae

e. Inner circumferential lamellae

Which “zone” of endochondral ossification in the growing femur of an adolescent is the farthest from that bone’s secondary ossification center?

a. Zone of hypertrophy

b. Zone of reserve cartilage

c. Zone of calcified cartilage

d. Zone of ossification

e. Zone of proliferation

The major lubricant for diarthrotic joints is ...

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