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Chapter 6: Adipose Tissue

White adipocytes are derived developmentally from what precursor cells?

a. Monocytes

b. Fibroblasts

c. Mesenchymal cells

d. Brown adipocytes

e. Mast cells

What are the relatively large particles formed in the intestinal epithelial cells and rich in ingested lipids?

a. Fatty acids

b. Chylomicrons

c. Glycerols

d. Very low-density lipoproteins

e. Adipocytes

What substance, released from the adrenal gland and some autonomic neurons, increases lipolytic activity in white adipocytes?

a. Leptin

b. Insulin

c. Norepinephrine

d. Glycogen

e. Triglyceride

What is the most important form of lipid storage in both white and brown adipocytes?

a. Free fatty acids

b. Cholesterol

c. Chylomicrons

d. Glycerol

e. Triglycerides

Important target cells of leptin are found in which organ?

a. Small intestine

b. White adipose tissue

c. Large intestine

d. Hypothalamus

e. Brown adipose tissue

The hormone-sensitive lipase in the cells of adipose tissue acts primarily on what substrate?

a. Glucose

b. Free fatty acids

c. Glycerol

d. Triglycerides

e. Very-low-density lipoproteins

Applied to adipocytes, the term “multilocular” refers to which of the following?

a. The large number of small cytoplasmic lipid droplets

b. The proliferation of the cells in an obese individual

c. The large number of mitochondria in the cells

d. The high density of ...

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