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Chapter 5: Connective Tissue

Which of the following connective tissue components is located in the ECM but not in the ground substance?

a. Collagen bundles

b. Fibronectin

c. GAGs

d. Hyaluronan

e. Proteoglycans

What cells numerous in loose connective tissue are filled with secretory granules and stain with metachromasia?

a. Macrophages

b. Mast cells

c. Fibrocytes

d. Active fibroblasts

e. Leukocytes

What is the first step of collagen production that occurs after the protein undergoes exocytosis?

a. Cross-linking of collagen fibrils with a short-linking collagen

b. Removal of the terminal nonhelical domains by peptidases

c. Hydroxylation of lysine and proline

d. Assembly of subunits to form a larger structure

e. Disulfide bond formation

What is an important part of the role played by macrophages during maintenance and renewal of strong extracellular fibers in connective tissue?

a. Storage for a major energy source needed for ECM maintenance

b. Production of specific collagen subunits

c. A sentinel function against invaders entering the ECM

d. Secretion of MMPs

e. Presentation of antigens important for assembly of collagen bundles

Sulfated GAGs are important constituents of what extracellular structures?

a. Hyaluronan

b. Elastic fibers

c. Type I collagen

d. Proteoglycans

e. Multiadhesive glycoproteins

Which of the following contains binding sites for integrins and is an important part of the ECM in both loose connective tissue and dense irregular connective tissue?

a. Aggrecan

b. Fibronectin

c. Perlecan

d. Fibrillin

e. Most types of collagen


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