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Chapter 4: Epithelial Tissue

Functions of the basement membrane include which of the following?

a. Contractility

b. Molecular filtering

c. Active ion transport

d. Excitability

e. Modification of secreted proteins

Using immunohistochemistry a population of cells is shown to be positive for the protein connexin. From this we can infer that the cells are connected by what type of junction?

a. Tight (occluding) junctions

b. Zonula adherens

c. Gap junctions

d. Hemidesmosomes

e. Desmosomes (macula adherens)

An individual genetically unable to synthesize normal occludin is likely to have epithelia with defective regulation in which of the following?

a. Material crossing the epithelium between the cells (paracellular movement)

b. Communication between the cells

c. Attachment to the basement membrane

d. Strong attachment to neighboring cells

e. Movement of membrane proteins in the apical domains of cells

An intermediate filament protein found in cytoplasm of most epithelial cells is which of the following?

a. Actin

b. Vimentin

c. Laminin

d. Myosin

e. Keratin

Which of the following cellular features is used in naming types of epithelia?

a. Shape of cells in the basal layer

b. Number of cell layers

c. Presence of a basal lamina

d. Size of the nuclei

e. Nature of the cell junctions that are present

The release of lipid droplets from cells is which type of secretion?

a. Merocrine

b. Serous

c. Apocrine

d. Mucous

e. Holocrine

Exocrine glands in which the acini ...

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