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Marc E. Tischler received an undergraduate degree in biology from Boston University, a master degree in chemistry from the University of South Carolina, and his doctorate degree in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. After serving in a postdoctoral position in physiology at Harvard Medical School, he joined the faculty at the University of Arizona in 1979 where he is currently a professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics holding joint appointments in physiology and in internal medicine. Having served as coordinator of the medical biochemistry course for a decade, he was recruited to play a major role in the development of the revised medical curriculum at the University of Arizona, which debuted in 2006 and offers an integrated, organ-based approach akin to the second half of this textbook. In that new curriculum, he designed and serves as director of the medical block entitled Digestion, Metabolism, and Hormones. He has taught more than 3000 medical students during his tenure in Arizona.

Lee W. jansbio received a BS in Biochemistry/minor in Latin from the University of Rochester followed by a PhD in biological sciences/biochemistry from Carnegie Mellon University. After a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA-Johnson Space Center doing research on immunological activation in microgravity, he entered medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, continuing with a family practice residency in both Dallas and San Antonio. He entered the active duty Air Force and served as a family physician and a flight surgeon, including tours of Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After military service, he permanently moved to Scotland in 2007, where he practices and teaches in the National Health Service as a general physician with occasional work in other parts of the world. In his free time, he writes and does research. Past book publications include Brew Chem 101: The Basics of Homebrewing Chemistry (Storey Publishing).

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