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To my family: my dear wife, Meryl, who has unfailingly supported my professional endeavors and endured my countless evening hours at the computer on this project; my daughters, Rebecca, Laura, and Miriam, who bring me incredible “naches”; my mother and father (may they rest in peace) for their support in my formative years; my brothers Howard and Matthew; my mother-in-law Martha for her ever-present accolades; my father-in-law Ed (may he rest in peace); and my father-in-law Lou for the professional respect always accorded me.

Finally to the more than 3000 medical students I have taught who inspired my success as a teacher and educator and who preceded those students who I trust will benefit from this textbook.

Marc E. Tischler

To my parents, family, and friends who persevered throughout the writing, proofing, and publication of this book as well as the many instructors, from high school to university to graduate school to medical school and beyond, who instilled in me not only a love for learning but also for teaching.

This book is personally dedicated to one such person, Cassie Murphy-Cullen, PhD (may she rest in peace), who served as a teacher, counselor and, most-of-all, constant and dedicated friend to all of her students, including myself.

Lee W. Janson

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