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Much of the content of this book emerged from interviews with UCLA Health System leaders, staff members, volunteers, and other stakeholders. The following individuals from all levels of the organization made themselves available to provide the information needed to make this book possible:

Barbara Abrams, RN; Dr. Nasim Afsar-manesh; Dr. Juan Alejos; Dan Alivia, RN; Barbara Anderson; Fiona Angus; Steven Arnold; Marti Arvin; Dr. Kathryn Atchison; Dr. James Atkinson; Rabbi Pearl Barlev; Jack Barron, Jr.; Dr. Lori Baudino; Lisa Beck; Hal Bookbinder; Janice Boron, RN; Geri Braddock, RN; Amy Bullock; Jeff Butler; Posie Carpenter, RN; Nicole Casalenuovo, RN; Helen Contraraz; Lea Ann Cook, RN; Heidi Crooks, RN; Pattie Cuen; Dr. Johannes Czernin; Bindu Danee; Lynette DeFrancia, RN; Dr. Jean DeKernion; Delia De Sasia; Kathy Deutsch; Sara Devaney; Jennifer Do, RN; Jeanne Durrant; Joi Edwards; Erik Eggins; Mary Erbeznik, RN; Ana Esquival; Hala Fam; Dr. David Feinberg; Kat Fibiger, JD; Jennifer Fine; Hilary Gan; Tamara Jean Gavilan, RN; Elizabeth George; Dennis Gonzalez, RN; Dr. Nestor Gonzalez; Vernon J. Goodwin; Vanya Green; Alison Grimes; Doug Gunderson; Pam Hoff; Eugene Hsu; Chai-Chih Huang; Clara Huerta; Mercedes Illesces; Kim Irwin; Brenda Izzi; Cindy Jaeger; Peter Ji; Laurie Johnson; Virgil Jones; Dr. Patricia Kapur; Dana Katz; Betsy Korbonski; Janina Krupa; Susan Land; Dr. Gerald Levey; Mary Levin; Dr. Linda Liau; Gene Loveland, RN; Robin Epstein Ludewig; Martha Lusk, RN; Dr. Neil Martin; Lillian Martinez; Maged Matta; Dr. Edward R. B. McCabe; Dr. Lynne McCullough; Suzanne McGuire, RN; Dr. Timothy Miller; Bonnie Millet, RN; Dr. Mark Morocco; Virgie Mosley; Theresa Moussa; Regina Naanos; Shannon O’Kelley; Patti Oliver; Tony Padilla; Dr. Neil Parker; Ellen Pollack, RN; Angie Price; Dr. Angelika Rampal; Sharon Randles; Courtney Real, RN; Carrie Recksieck; Pablo Reyes; Mei Lani Renger, RN; Michael P. Richards; Janet Rimicci; Robin Rosemark, RN; Jennifer Rosenthal; Dr. Tom Rosenthal; Amir Dan Rubin; Ross Scales; Jake Scherzer; Reverend Karen Schnell; Bill Sears; Elaine Rosso Severa, RN; Dr. Bonny Sham, RN; Donna Smith; Mark Speare; Kit Spikings; Paul Staton; Dr. Michael Steinberg; Deborah Suda, RN; Lynn Sullivan; Grandvell Taylor; Dr. Jan Tillisch; Cullen Torsney, RN; Roxana Vargas; Dr. Jeff Veale; Dr. Cathy Rodgers Ward; Dr. A. Eugene Washington; Paul Watkins, JD; Timothy Wen; David Niles White; Ellen Wilson; Lana Wohlschlegel; Xueqing “Sherry” Xi, RN; Myrtle Yamamoto, RN; and Dr. Michael W. Yeh.

Many patients also were willing to share their experiences at UCLA Health System for inclusion in this book. Any patient-specific information was obtained either directly from the patient, with the patient’s permission, or through publicly available information.

Readers of this book are encouraged to share their UCLA patient experiences at

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