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We could not have produced this book without the contributions of our colleagues at NOVACES, LLC. We would like to thank first and foremost, our research associate, Jeremy Schwartz, for his passion, assistance, and tireless dedication. We also would like to thank to Ivan Radovic and Brian MacClaren, cofounders of NOVACES, for their support.

In addition, we would like to thank Chris Zephro, Dr. Kevin Watson, Jan Bauer, Chuck Gaster, Suzanne Roberts, and the rest of the NOVACES family, as well as Tommy Houston, Brian McCormack, and Zina Amin, for their contributions.

We also thank our clients as well as Dr. Will Millhiser, Dr. Kelvyn Youngman, Dr. Emre Veral, Dr. Seza Gulec, Dr. Gary S. Wadhwa, Dr. Burak Acar, Dr. Hasan Kuş, Dr. Metin Çakmakçi, Henry Camp of IDEA, LLC, Michael Pitcher of Operations Excellence Consulting, Inc., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., The Commonwealth Fund, Theory of Constraints Certification Organization, and the late Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt whose teachings changed countless lives and are helping to create a more harmonious and prosperous world. Special thanks are due to Dr. Robert Halder and Dr. Hulusi Cinar for reviewing this book. Finally, we would like to thank to our families, friends, and colleagues who so faithfully supported the intent of this book and our efforts. We are in your debt.

Bahadir Inozu
Dan Chauncey
Vickie Kamataris
Charles Mount

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