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The work described in this book occurred over a period of more than 15 years and required the close collaboration of clinical, administrative, and information technology professionals representing the entire range of Cleveland Clinic’s operating model and medical practice. Much of it was unique in our industry for its time. Consequently, it was often intensive, costly, and inherently stressful, particularly in the heat of the moment, usually following months or even years of effort, when a new system or physical infrastructure component was first switched on. Everything we did felt entirely new when we were doing it and affected everyone in our enterprise. Nothing occurred in isolation, so in a very real sense, we have every Cleveland Clinic caregiver to thank for being our partners, our advisors, our colleagues, and our friends. Nothing we accomplished could have happened without their support, counsel, patience, and good graces. To every Cleveland Clinic caregiver, past, present, and future, I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation and thanks—with particular gratitude to the members of our current Senior IT Leadership team: Lou Capponi, MD, Timothy Crone, MD, Christopher Donovan, Adam Fogelman, Mitchell Krieger, MD, Amy Merlino, MD, William Morris, MD, Mary Partin, PhD, Pam Piar, Maureen Sullivan, Joe Turk, and Robert White, MD. Thank you also to Nelita Iuppa, DNP; and to Heather Walker for everything she did to help make this book a reality.

Leading an organization as complex and demanding as Cleveland Clinic through a period of unprecedented challenge and change, while increasing both the quality and affordability of the care we deliver, is a monumental endeavor. Holding to a forward-thinking vision of a technology-enabled practice model and steering the efforts of thousands of caregivers toward that goal even as so many other priorities compete for attention and support is a testament to the commitment of our leader, Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, MD, and his unwavering dedication to placing our patients first in everything we do. His guidance and trust, from concept to completion, is the invaluable foundation that is helping make the future we imagine a reality for our clinical and administrative colleagues and our patients.

Finally, I extend my deepest regards to every Cleveland Clinic information technology professional. The demands of transforming a healthcare delivery system of Cleveland Clinic’s character and standards are unrelenting and unending. Our transformation is an ongoing journey that will continue for years to come. The professionalism, vision, and devotion of the members of the Cleveland Clinic Information Technology Division—those who are present today, those who participated in the past, and those who will join us in this work in the future—represent the fire that fuels what I believe is the finest, most imaginative, and most dynamic group of health information technology professionals in the world. Just as you created the title of this book, it is your work that makes this book possible, and it will be your responsibility to write the future chapters that, together, we are only now beginning to imagine.

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