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With love to my wife, Nancy, who is the strongest supporter of my efforts to contribute to improving healthcare; our sons, Matthew and Jonathan, who work incredibly hard in their careers to achieve excellence and impact; and my aunt and uncle, Cookie and Lester Gold, who have inspired me with their wisdom, kindness, generosity, and commitment to family and community.

 —Leonard L. Berry


With love to my wife, Kristine, and daughters, Lee and Ann, who together have been my greatest critics and strongest supporters and who have dedicated much of their lives to the needs of others in their careers of medical laboratory science, law, and medicine; and my parents, Al and Jean Seltman, who gave me a vision of the universe of possibilities for my life and who worked hard to make it possible.

 —Kent D. Seltman


To the people of Mayo Clinic. The founding Mayo family would be proud.

 Leonard L. Berry and Kent D. Seltman

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