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Radha Samson reached for the phone at her desk, pushed the extension button for Drew Thompson, the head of Employee Relations at St. Sonia's Hospital, and said, "Hey, Drew, I've got another Exchange job for you. You need to get on it ASAP! Dr. Phillips called me just now to complain. One of his patients was upset by a 'fight' between two nurses. He claims it's a patient safety situation. Apparently, the elderly woman he's been working with had an alarming rise in her blood pressure when she heard her favorite nurse, RN Simon Peters, being berated by RN Yvette Jones. Naturally, he wants someone fired. I calmed him down by assuring him we'd set up an Exchange process. While he's a little skeptical, apparently he's heard enough about it to be at least momentarily satisfied. He's a great doctor—apparently he relates well with his patients—but his relations with the staff need some work, and I'd like to keep this situation from becoming worse. He had already talked to the nursing manager to complain but he wasn't sure she would take care of it, despite the fact that she said she would. I'd really like to settle this at the lowest level possible."

Drew Johnson responded, "Hmm, that would be Kim Brown. She is very clear about patient care as well as nursing standards for the nurses on the floor. Whatever he might think, she's a very good nurse manager. She hasn't yet facilitated a full Exchange process, but she did cofacilitate one with me, and she did a great job. And she has a good way with her staff. They respect her and if she wants them to meet, they'll meet. Can you give me some more details?"

Radha replied, "I don't know a whole lot, but apparently Yvette Jones and Simon Peters are involved, and they have a history of not getting along. This actually sounds like a perfect scenario for The Exchange. I'm so glad that we had most of our supervisors and managers take part in that training last fall."

Drew sighed and said, "Okay, I'll call Kim as soon as we hang up and see what I can find out. I'll let you know how it goes."

Radha ended the conversation, "Thanks, Drew. And good luck!"

After hanging up with Radha, Drew took a deep breath and decided that rather than call the nurse manager, Kim, about the incident, he would walk over to her office and talk to her. He wanted to make sure that Kim felt supported and knew that he was willing to coach her if there were difficulties.

Kim Brown, Head Nurse in Geriatrics, was responsible for everything that happened on her floor of the hospital, especially the work and interactions among the nurses. Because of her competence, as well as her personal skills, ...

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