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Every American who's looking for the smartest ways to transform our health system should read The Innovator's Prescription.

Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House and Founder, Center for Health Transformation


A compelling framework for legislators, regulators, payers, providers, and society at-large to debate meaningful reform for our ailing health-care system.

David Snow, Chairman and CEO, Medco


The Innovator's Prescription is a timely and insightful manifesto for a much-needed revolution in health care.

Steve Case, Co-Founder, former Chairman and CEO, America Online and Founder, Revolution LLC


The Innovator's Prescription offers a road map to the dramatic changes in health-care delivery, costs, and policy we can expect in the next couple of years. Well worth the effort to read and study it.

John W. Brown, Chairman, Stryker Corporation


The Innovator's Prescription sets out a reform map that calls for government, employers, providers, and patients to change their traditional ways, shaking the status quo to its very roots. For anyone seeking real change, this book should be on your list.

John Iglehart, Founding Editor, Health Affairs and National Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine


The authors provide a very original analysis and a road map through the labyrinth of health care to better care at lower cost. Everyone seriously looking for that road must read this book.

Dr. Alain Enthoven, Professor of Public and Private Management, Emeritus, Stanford University


Christensen's new book draws lessons from a variety of industries to offer up a refreshing take on the importanceand feasibilityof reengineering delivery to reduce the cost of care.

Dr. Mark D. Smith, President and CEO, California HealthCare Foundation


This book does the best job of describing the current situation in health care I've ever read; it's accessible, understandable, and thoughtful. I don't agree with all of Professor Christensen's observations and recommendations, but his book will make anyone who cares about these issues think.

Charles D. Baker, President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


Dr. Jerry Grossman's penetrating approach to the resolution of complex societal problems impresses and amazes as always. Is it possible to make U.S. health care affordable? This Prescription may be a start.

Cathy Minehan, Chair, Massachusetts General Hospital Board of Trustees


The Innovator's Prescription is the most important book I've read on health care in the last decade. I guarantee that anyone who studies this book carefully will think very differently about what we need to do to fix health care, and perhaps more importantly, who will need to do it.

Dr. Michael Dinneen, Director, Office of Strategy Management, U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System


All health-care decision makers need to read, understand, and act on The Innovator's Prescription—a practical yet visionary remedy for our health-care system.

Mara Aspinall, Former President, Genzyme Genetics


The Innovator's Prescription does a brilliant job of mapping out how to fix the health-care industry. Every employee in our company will have a copya compelling and powerful read!

Chris Boyce, President and CEO, Virgin HealthMiles, Inc.


Clayton Christensen and his colleagues have laid out an entirely new approachthis compelling book shows how Christensen's insights about innovation can be applied to our health-care challenges.

Dr. William Roper, CEO, University of North Carolina Health Care System and Dean, UNC School of Medicine


The Innovator's Prescription is a must-read for all who truly care about fixing our health-care system.

Dr. Edward Miller, CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dean, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Thought provoking, original, fascinatingand timely. New ideas and approaches to making our health-care system more affordable, while dealing with the uninsured, will soon be a national imperative.

Dr. Arthur H. Rubenstein, Executive Vice President, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine


I have read hundreds of books on the health-care crisis; The Innovator's Prescription is the first that has identified the root causes and offered logical solutions.

Dr. Colleen Conway-Welch, Dean, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing


Provides both a very insightful framework for analysis of health-care systems and highly creative options for addressing the current serious issues in health care, in the United States and internationally.

Dr. Elizabeth G. Armstrong, Director, Harvard Macy Institute

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