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A variety of products commonly found around the home are completely nontoxic or cause little or no toxicity after typical accidental exposures. Treatment is rarely required because the ingredients are not toxic, the concentrations of potentially toxic ingredients are minimal, or the construction or packaging of the product is such that a significant dose of a harmful ingredient is extremely unlikely.

Table II–44 lists a number of products considered nontoxic. However, the taste or texture of the product may be disagreeable or cause mild stomach upset. Also, some of the products listed can create a foreign-body effect or a choking hazard, depending on the formulation and the age of the child. Table II–45 provides examples of products that may cause mild GI upset but are generally not considered toxic after small ingestions. Stomach cramps, vomiting, or diarrhea may occur, but each of these is usually mild and self-limited. Table II–46 lists several other products that often are ingested by small children with minimal effect. Although they may contain potentially toxic ingredients, the concentration or packaging makes it very unlikely that symptoms will occur after a small exposure.


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